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Angola : Angola is a country in southwest Africa with 12 million inhabitants. Neighboring countries are the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia and Namibia. The republic has a coastline along the Atlantic ocean and an exclave: Cabinda. The landscape is largely determined by the central Bie Plateau, which consists of savannas and grasslands. In the northeast are densely wooded valleys. In the southwest lies the Namib desert. Furthermore broad coastal strip and many dense tropical rain forest in Cabinda enclave. There is a tropical climate with a dry and wet season. Capital Luanda has 4 million inhabitants. The port city is divided into the old city, Baixa and the new part Cidade Alta. Sights are the old colonial buildings, the Fort Sao Pedro da Barra, the markets of Roque Santeiro and Futungo, the Mussulo Bay, the slavery museum and the national anthropological museum. Other cities are Huambo, Lobito, Lucapa, Benguela, Lubango, Malanje and Cabinda. Other attractions are Angola's highest mountain, the MoCo, the Kalandula waterfall, fast flowing rivers, beautiful beaches, Portuguese churches, the Leba Hills, colorful tribes and six national parks with beautiful wild life.

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