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A hotel is a building where people, paid, spend the night. This is a hotel equipped with a parking, a central hall with lobby and bar and several separate rooms where customers can stay. The rooms are equipped with a bed, a bathroom and some furniture. Today, the rooms are increasingly equipped with luxurious amenities such as air conditioning, television, Internet connectivity, an alarm clock, mini bar and room service. The larger hotels are often equipped with a restaurant, a swimming pool, a gym, childcare and other social spaces. All hotels offer meals. Often the customer opts for a night (or lodging). Other options are bed & breakfast, half board (bed & breakfast and dinner), full board (bed & breakfast, lunch and dinner) or all inclusive, where it can be used for drinks and additional facilities. Many tourists make use of the latter possibility. They will also stay longer in the hotel and are situated in an environment where much to see or do. Finally, there are also shorter stay visitors. The hotels are often situated around a tourist attraction, a small town or on the coast. Other names include hostel, motel, hostelry, guesthouse, inn, resort and inn.

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