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Practical travel information Burundi

Burundi practical travel information: Burundi is a country in central Africa with 8.7 million inhabitants. Neighboring countries are the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Tanzania. The republic has a hilly and mountainous landscape with rain forests. Northern lakes are Rweru and Cyahoha. Orient the Ruvubu river, lakes, swamps and savannas park. The Kumoso lowland lies further south. West lies the border mountains of the Congo-Nile-ridge along the Rusizi valley and the Tanganyika lake. There is a tropical climate, with locally different temperatures and a wet and a dry season. The capital Bujumbura is at the Tanganyika lake and has 350,000 inhabitants. Sightseeing in the port city are the geological museum, Museum of Life, the reptile park and the beaches. Other cities are Gitega, Bururi, Cibitoke, Kirundo, Muyinga, Ngozi, Kayanza, Makamba and Karuzi. Sights are the natural parks of Rusizi, Kibira and Ruvubu and the National Museum in Gitega.

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