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Cape Verde : The Cape Verde Islands is a country located west of Africa, with 430,000 inhabitants. The republic is situated in the Atlantic Ocean at 450 km from the coast of Gambia and Senegal. Cape Verde is an archipelago that consists of 10 large islands of which only Santa Luzia is uninhabited. They are divided into six upwind Islands (Barlaventos) and four Leeward Islands (Sotaventos). The landscape of Cape Verde is predominantly hilly and only a few islands are green. Furthermore mountains of basalt, eroded canyons, valleys, volcanoes, sometimes desert-like and an active volcano Pico the Fogo. There is a tropical climate. The capital Praia is located on the island of Santiago and has 62,000 inhabitants. Sights are the two beaches, Praia Mar and Praia Quebra-Canela. Other cities are the colonial city of Mindelo, Espargos and Santa Maria. Other attractions are the greenest island of Santo Antão and the mountainous Brava. There is much scope for water sports, diving and fishing.

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