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Central African Republic ferry: The Central African Republic is a country in Central Africa with about 4 ½ million inhabitants. Neighboring countries are Cameroon, Chad, Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Congo. The landscape in the north is dry and rather bare. Tropical rainforest grows along the rivers in the southwest. Central and south are vast savannas. In the western highlands. There is a tropical climate with a long rainy season. Capital Bangui has 630,000 inhabitants. Sights are the big triumphal arch, the presidential palace, the center Artisenal, the Perroni Gallery, the Boganda Avenue and the central market. Other cities are Bimbo, Berberati, Carnot, Bambari, Bouar, Bossangoa and Bria. At the World Heritage list of UNESCO, the national park Manovo-Gounda St. Floris. Other attractions are the Dzanga-Sangha Reserve, the traditional pygmy population and the rich flora and fauna, including forest elephants and lowland gorillas.

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