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Chad : Chad is a country in central Africa and has 10.1 million inhabitants. Neighboring countries are Cameroon, Nigeria, Niger, Libya, Sudan and the Central African Republic. In the north are the dry Sahara with palm trees and the Tibesti Mountains. Central, the dry grasslands of the Sahel. Western is the Lake Chad. Savannah forests and Baobab trees are more Southern. Very southern are the tropical lowlands with many rivers and tropical rainforest. There is a desert climate in the north and a tropical climate in the south. The capital Ndjamena has 750,000 inhabitants. Sights include the National Museum and Cultural Center Chad. Other cities are Abéché, Adre, Am Timan, ATI, Bardaï, Bol, Pala and Zouar. Attractions are the colonial museum in Sahr, the nomads in Charities, Quara, the national park Zakouma, flora and fauna.

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