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Comoros : The Comoros is a group of islands in the Indian Ocean with 730,000 inhabitants. It consists of the three major islands of Ngazidja, Nzwani and Mwali and some small islands. The island of Mayotte has remained under French administration. The republic is located between the east coast of Africa and northern Madagascar. The landscape of the islands is mountainous, thanks to the volcanic origin. Around Mwali, Nzwani and Mayotte are coral reefs. On Ngazidja is the largest active volcano in the world the Karthala. On Nzwani wild flowing rivers, green mountain slopes and many flowers. Around the islands is a sea of 3000 meters deep. There is a tropical maritime climate, with a long rainy season. Capital Moroni has 30,000 inhabitants and is located on the largest island Ngazidja. Other cities are Mutsamudu, Domoni, Fomboni, Tsembehou, Sima, Ouani, Mirontsi and Iconi. The sights are the town Iconi, the rich marine life, sea turtles beach, the Zialaharoussi waterfall, the embroidery and wood carving and perfume companies in Bambao.

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