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Egypt : Egypt is a republic in North Africa and has 82 million inhabitants. The Suez Canal separates the African part of the Asian part of Egypt. Neighboring countries are Sudan, Libya, Israel, the Gaza Strip, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The republic has a coastline along the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea and the Gulf of al-Aqabah. The northern part is the delta of the River Nile. Furthermore, the landscape defined by desert areas. In the west are a number of oases. There is a desert climate. The capital Cairo has 6.8 million inhabitants. Sights include the Abdeen Palace, Birqash camel market and the Cairo Tower. Furthermore, various museums, churches and mosques. Other cities are Alexandria, Giza, Shubra el-Khema, Port Said, Suez, El-Mahala El-Kubra, Tanta, al-Mansurah, Luxor, Assioet, Assoean, Hurghada and Kom Ombo. At the World Heritage list of UNESCO are Memphis and its necropolis, pyramid fields of Giza to Dasjoer, Thebes, with its necropolis, the Nubian monuments of Abu Simbel to Philae, the historic part of Cairo, Abu Mena, the St. Catherine area and the Wadi Al - Hitan Whale valley.

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