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Hostel Equatorial Guinea

A hotel or hostel is a facility where one can stay overnight or at very little cost. Initially made ​​only young people from cheap accommodation opportunity, but today everyone accepted. In a youth hostel beds are rented at a dormitory, but there are also private rooms for couples and quadruple rooms shared by visitors of the same sex. Furthermore, there are common bathrooms and toilets and social areas. Many hostels provide meals do, but it is free to cook in the communal kitchen. Previously, visitors participated in the household, but now this is done little more. The visit is usually short lived. Particularly backpackers catch their journey after one or two nights again. Depending on available space and the season is a longer stay may be permissible. Since the spaces must be shared creates a social atmosphere with many contacts with other visitors. Privacy is what little space. Hostels can be found in cities, tourist areas or areas with lots of space for outdoor activities.

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