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Equatorial Guinea travel accessories: Equatorial Guinea is a republic on the west coast of Africa with 650,000 inhabitants. The continental part, called Mbini, lies between Cameroon and Gabon. The other part consists of two islands in the Atlantic ocean, Bioko and Anabon. The part Mbini consists of tropical forests and volcanoes and is very densely vegetated. On both islands there are three elaborate volcanoes and black sand beaches. There is a tropical rain climate. The capital Malabo lies on the island of Bioko and has 100,000 inhabitants. Some sights are the colorful markets, the Spanish cultural center, the Gothic cathedral and the courthouse. Other cities are San Antonio de Pale, Luba, Mongomo, Evinayong, Bata and Ebebiyín. Places are the tribes, such as Fang, Kombe and Balengue, the rainforests and beaches.

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