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Eritrea : Eritrea is a country in East Africa with 5 million inhabitants. The republic is situated in the horn of Africa with neighboring countries as Sudan, Ethiopia and Djibouti. The republic has a long coastline along the Red Sea, where the Dahlak islands lie. The highland is located in the middle and towards the north. In the west lies the hilly fertile lowlands. Mountain Landscapes are more in the north. In the south are the desert areas. There is a desert climate, with more rain in the north. The capital, Asmara has 600,000 inhabitants and is nicknamed small Rome. Asmara has attractions as the National Museum, the Catholic Cathedral, the Orthodox church Kidane Mehret, the Al Qurafi Al Rashidin mosque and the Fort Baldissera. Other cities are Massawa, Mendefera, Barentu, Keren and Assab. Places are Dekamere town, the Sahel outdoor park and the holy city of St. Mariam Dearit.

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