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Gabon car: Gabon is a country on the west coast of Africa with 1 ½ million inhabitants. Neighboring countries are Equatorial Guinea, Congo and Cameroon. The republic has a coastline with the Atlantic Ocean. The interior of Gabon is dominated by high plateaus covered with dense rainforest. In the northeast lies the Cristal mountains. Southern and eastern savanna landscape is located. The coastal strip is characterized by beaches, bays and lagoons, mangrove forests in south. There is a tropical climate with a rainy and dry season. The capital Libreville has 580,000 inhabitants. Attractions are the Museum of arts and traditions, the St-Michel church, the Peyrie gardens, the presidential palace, the art manufacturing center and the beaches of Pointe Denis and Ekwata Beach. Other towns are Franceville, Lambarene, Mouila, Tchibanga, Makokou, Koulamoutou, Port-Gentil and Oyem. At the World Heritage list of UNESCO, the ecosystem and cultural landscape of Lope-Okanda. Other attractions are the 13 national parks, gorilla island Evengue and the lakes district.

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