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Liberia travel accessories: Liberia is a country in West Africa with little more than 3 million inhabitants. Neighboring countries are Sierra Leone, Guinea and Ivory Coast. The republic has a long coastline along the Atlantic Ocean. Liberia was founded by slaves who were returned from the United States. Nearly half of Liberia is covered with tropical jungle. Northeast is a highland that runs in the Nimba mountains. The coastal plain is flat and regular. Central and south are rolling hills and the country has 15 major rivers. There is a tropical rainforest environment. The capital Monrovia has 470,000 inhabitants. Sights include the National Museum, Waterside Market and the beaches of Ellens and Kendeja. Other cities include Barclay Ville, Buchanan, Bopolu, Gbarnga, Greenville, Harbel, Harper, Fish Town, Rivercess, Robert Sports, Saniequellie, Tubmanburg and Voinjama. Other sights include Mount Nimba nature reserve, city Yepeka, Providence Island, the Firestone rubber plantation, the Sapo National Park, the beautiful beaches and traditional villages in the north.

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