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Libya : Libya is a country in North Africa with 6 million inhabitants. Libya is one of the largest countries of Africa. Neighboring countries are Tunisia, Algeria, Niger, Chad, Sudan and Egypt. Libya has a coastline along the Mediterranean Sea. The landscape is dominated by the Sahara desert, sand plains and sand dunes, with an occasional oasis. In the southeast is the Tibesti Massif. The coastal plain is greener with beautiful beaches. In Libya, there are two distinct climates. In the north is a Mediterranean climate. Central and Southern is a dry desert climate. The capital Tripoli has 1.7 million inhabitants. The Phoenician city has attractions as the Green Square, the People's Palace, the Roman city walls, the red castle, the Jamahiriya Museum, Pepsi Cola Street, the Souk, the tea houses and baths. Other major cities include Apollonia, Benghazi, germa, Ghats, Nalut, Ptolemais, Qasr Libya, Slontah, Teuchira, Tobruk, Ubari and Zliten. At the World Heritage list of UNESCO are the rock drawings Tadrart Acacus, the old city of Ghadames and archaeological sites of Leptis Magna, Sabratha and Cyrene. Other attractions are the ruins of the underwater city of Ras Altenburg, the desert city of Ghadames, The Sahara and the nomadic tribes. The country was up in March 2011 led by dictator Muammar al-Qadhafi. Since then, insurgents proclaimed the Libyan Republic.

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