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Mali : Mali is a country in West Africa with 12 million inhabitants. Neighboring countries are Guinea, Senegal, Mauritania, Algeria, Niger, Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast. The republic has through the ports of Dakar and Abidjan yet access to the sea. Mali is 70% desert or semi desert. North is the Sahara, with some wadis and some vegetation. In the south are marshes and steppe areas, forests along the basins of the rivers Senegal, the Niger and Bani. In the southwest sandstone mountains. Central is the great African Rift Valley and the Sahel. The Manding Mountain is located in the west and the Adrar des Iforhas mountains in the east. There is a steppe climate with a rainy season. Only in the north is a dry desert climate. The capital Bamako has 950,000 inhabitants. Sights are the national museum, the zoo, the house of the craft and the plateau View Point. Other cities are Araouane, Bafoulabé, Bla, Djenné, Essakane, Fana, Gao, Kidal, Kolokani, Koulikoro and Mopti. At the World Heritage list of UNESCO are the historic center of Djenné, Timbuktu, the tomb of Askia the Valley of the Dogon. Other attractions include the Venice of Mali, Mopti, the Dogon villages Tireli, Banani, Amani and IRELLI, the Koulikoro region and the cities of Djenné, Gao and Segou.

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