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Mauritania : Mauritania is a country that is located in northwest Africa with 3.3 million inhabitants. Neighboring countries are the Western Sahara, Algeria, Mali and Senegal. The republic has a coastline along the Atlantic Ocean. Mauritania is 24 times as big as the Netherlands and two thirds is desert areas (the Sahara and the Adrar) with oases, endless sand plains, deep black rock plateaus (erg) and sand dunes. Savanna areas are located in the south. The banks of the River Senegal provide fertile ground with a lot of agriculture. On the coast are long sandy beaches. There is a desert climate. The capital Nouakchott has 1 million inhabitants. Sights include the National Museum, the Saudi Mosque, the fish port and the Plage Pêcheurs. Other cities are Nema, Rosso, Kiffa, Aleg, Kaedi, Zouerat, Aioun el Atrouss, Selibaby, Atar and Boutilimit. At the World Heritage list of UNESCO are the national park Banc d'Arguin and the old ksour of Ouadane, Chinguetti, Tichitt and Oualata. Other attractions are the oasis of Tergit, the Dakar rally, the prehistoric rock drawings, the mosques of Tichît, the bird places in the Senegal river, the fishing village of Nouadhibou and the archaeological sites in Koumbi Saleh.

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