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Senegal : Senegal is a country in West Africa with 13 million inhabitants. Neighboring countries are Mauritania, Mali, Guinea, Guinea Bissau and Gambia. The republic borders the Atlantic Ocean in the west. The Senegal River forms the northern border. Senegal is a very flat country. Northern is the Sahel, which consists of grass steppes with bush crops. The shrub savannas and savannas park land are centrally located. In the south are tropical virgin forests, hills and forest savannas. On the coastal plain are the basins of the rivers, marshes, mangrove forests, hills and sandy beaches. There is a tropical climate with a rainy season. The capital Dakar has 1 million inhabitants. Sightseeing will include the Paris Dakar rally, the Grand Mosque, the IFAN museum, Hann Park and the Senegal Zoo. Other cities are Saint-Louis, Sedhiou, Touba, Ziguinchor, Rufisque, M'bour, Kaolack and Thies. At the World Heritage list of UNESCO are the island of Gorée, the national bird reserve Djoudj, the Niokolo Koba National Park, the Saint Louis Island and the stone circles of Senegambia. Other attractions are the Petite Côte, national parks, wildlife, the land of the Bassari, the fishing village Cayar, Lac Rose and the Casamance.

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