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Swaziland : Swaziland is a monarchy in South Africa with 1.3 million inhabitants. Neighboring countries are South Africa and Mozambique. In the eastern Lubombo region are green mountains with a rich fauna. The Midveld is centrally located and consists of hills, fertile land and rainforests. Just below lie the savannas of the Lowveld. The High Field is located in the north with rocks, valleys, subtropical forests, rivers and waterfalls. There is a temperate climate in the north and tropical climate in the south. Capital Mbabane has 70,000 inhabitants. Attractions are the wood carvings and baskets, the mall and the Mbabane market. Other cities are Lobamba, Manzini, Mankayane, Big Bend, Siteki, Nhalangano, Mhlume, Piggs Peak and Hlatikulu. Places are the nature reserves, the authentic villages, a reconstructed traditional Swazi village, the Ezulwini Valley, Mlilwane national park and game reserve Mkhaya.

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