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Togo : Togo is a country in west Africa with 6.3 million inhabitants. Neighboring countries are Ghana, Burkina Faso and Benin. The republic has a coastline along the Bay of Benin in the south. The landscape is dominated by savannas, hills and low mountains. Northern is Ouatchi Plateau, which ends to the east. Northwestern is a granite plateau. The Togo Mountains stretches from north-east to the southwest cocoa country. The narrow coastal strip is composed of sandy beaches, lake Togo and shallow lagoons. There is a tropical climate. The capital Lome has 740,000 inhabitants. Attractions are the independence square, the Palais des Congress, the national museum and the Village Artisanal. Other major cities are Dapaong, Atakpame, Kara and Sokode. At the World Heritage list of UNESCO is the land of the Batammariba: Koutammakou. Other attractions are the Akloa waterfalls, rich flora and fauna, national parks and reserves, Togo and Vogan, home base of the voodoo, the valley of the Tamberma and the cliffs of Dapoang.

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