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Tunesia car: Tunisia is a country in north Africa with 10.4 million inhabitants. Neighboring Countries are Algeria and Libya. The presidential republic has a coastline along the Mediterranean Sea in the north and east. It belongs to the Maghreb countries. Mountain chains are central, west and north. A little further south are grass steppes, salt lakes and dry river beds. In the southern section begins the Sahara with desert rock, salt lakes, sand dunes and palm oases. The east coast is a small plain with bays, islands and fertile plains in the south. There is a subtropical climate. In the south is a desert climate. The capital Tunis has 695,000 inhabitants. Places are the Bardo Museum, the Kasbah mosque, the Souk Bab-el-Bahar, the Dar-Hussein palace, the El-Ksar Mosque and the Belvedere Park. Other cities are Bizerte, El Kef, Gabes, Kairouan, Kasserine, Monastir, Co Nine, Nabeul, Port El Kantaoui, Sfax, Sidi Bou Said, Sousse, Tabarka and Tozeur. At the World Heritage list of UNESCO, the Medina of Tunis and Sousse, the amphitheater of El Djem, the location of Carthage, the national park Ichkeuk, Kerkouane the Punic city and its necropolis and the historic cities Dougga and Kairouan.

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